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XtraView - USB 2860 Video & Audio Capture for Mac & PC

XtraView USB Full Screen Video Capture

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Manufacturer: XLR8
Manufacturer Part No: USB2XVOSX

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The XLR8 XtraView provides both Video and Capture via US 2.0 for the Mac (and now the PC!). The ability to capture both in a single device, direct to QuickTime… real-time, with drag & drop for iMovie and iDVD allows XtraView to be a complete end-to-end solution. This is an upgraded chipset over the renown ProView USB, and has full compatibility with all ProView compatible devices.
XLR8"s XtraView, allows all-in-one, full-screen, real-time video transfer from any video device into Apple QuickTime. It's fully compatible with Mac OS X PowerPC and Intel universal binaries... it also supports AppleScript automation! XtraView blends ease of use with fantastic video quality, all for an affordable price.

Its exclusive all-in-one design, means that it works with any system that supports USB 2.0! No extra sound cable... no need for a sound in port. As a result, the XtraView can work on any Apple G4 iBook, PowerBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and even supports the G4 Mac Mini!

XtraView is built Mountain Lion Compatible for QuickTime, including MPEG-4. It's hardware supported 640 x 480 capture delivers the greatest quality video possible... beating out systems costing tens of thousands more. Why? It's optimized for QuickTime and USB 2.0, right out of the box - just plug in and go!