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Video Capture Updates...
Latest updates (11/8/2012) for your XLR8 USB Video Products!

The links below will provide the latest updates available for your Mac Video Capture devices. Please note that in MAC OS 10.8, you must unzip on the computer in which you will be installing. The files have digital signatures required for the driver installs, which need to stay intact in order install correctly.You can also feel free to contact XLR8 immediately via -
NOTE: In some browsers, you will need to right click and choose "save linked file as", in order to download.

InterView 3.1 Software and Drivers for Mac OS X
This USBVision Package installs the latest capture and driver support files. Supports 10.4-10.7.
Click to download: USBVision 1.5.1 Zipped

ProView USB Software and Drivers for Mac OS X
This ProView Package installs the latest capture and driver support files. Supports 10.4-10.9x.
Click to download: ProView_USB_OSX 1.6.0 Zipped
Click to download (Archived): ProView USB 1.5.5 Zipped
Click to download the manual: ProView Manual PDF Zipped

XtraView USB Software and Drivers for Mac OS X
This XtraView Package installs the latest capture and driver support files. Supports 10.4-10.9x
Click to download: XtraView_USB_OSX_1.6.0 Zipped
Click to download (Archived): XtraView USB 1.5.5 Zipped
Click to download the manual: XtraView Manual PDF

 XtraView USB Software and Drivers for Windows
We license the GrabBee software for use withthe XLR8 Devices.
Click to download: GrabBee_V2.0.0.0.zipa>
and download:
and download the manual: XtraViewPC_Grabbee_Manual.pdf

You will need to install the GraBee V2 software, restart then install the grabbee-av BDA drivers.
This will install the Grabbee capture application and drivers.

Beware, if Windows tries to install by itself, their drivers will not work.
You will need to uninstall the Microsoft drivers as listed below:
Uninstalling windows video capture drivers:
1. Click on Start, right click on My Computer and select Properties.
2. Click on Hardware, then Device Manager. Or simply search for Device Manager
3. Go to the video device, select, then right click to uninstall.
4. Go to the 2860 audio device if it shows up and uninstall.
5. Unplug device, reboot and follow instructions above.

Current Issues / Tips / Workarounds:
Please remember that during Video Capture, (with any device or type), it is extremely important to disable background tasks.

    • Upgrade to the latest software above. You can install, right over the old.
    • Reboot
    • Quit all unneeded applications.
    • Some USB 2.0 hubs disrrupt the bus, even when not being used by the XLR8 devices.
    • Some add-in USB 2.0 cards, cheat a little and will cause flickering
    • Disable system preferences or "auto-loading" utilities that "probe" the hard drive or USB bus. 
      • Examples of these are Stuffit AVR, Acrobat Distiller "watch" settings, Energy Saver, Auto-time settings, and sometimes, AppleTalk and/or sharing services.
    • If you are having issues with the Serial Number... you need to run the VideoGlide uninstaller. This was a free trial downloaded from EchoFX. You can delete it by going to your Applications/VideoGlide/Tools folder and running the uninstaller. If you never installed VideoGlide, then you might be using the wrong number. Try using the number on the label on the back of the device. Include all dashes and letters/numbers. It starts with EFX, or PVX or XVU.
    • If you can't find your serial number, please look on the back of the device first. Look for a white label. You have to enter all of the letters/numbers/dashes. Email if your serial number is unreadable or missing.
  1. 2012 Lion OSX Update: Lion's default booting in 64-bit mode, can cause issues on XtraView's built-in audio. There are workarounds; 
    • You can boot into 32-bit mode by hitting the 3 and 2 key on boot up. Verify your mode via the System Profiler, Software pane., 
    • You can use an audio cable that plugs direct into the system. A free cable is available to XtraView owners. Just email, 
    • You can upgrade to the latest XtraView chipset that started shipping in January 2012 and supports 64-bit mode. The upgrade cost is $25 plus shipping. Just email
  2. February 2011 UPDATE: A problem with nVidia drivers causes capture issues in 10.6.5 and 10.6.6. The corrected drivers are installed automatically in 10.6.7 updates. As an immediate alternative, you can download a handy app, called "Fix My Red Flash" to install the correct drivers and provide full compatibility in 10.6.5 and 10. 6.6. Go to

  3. 10.4.9 (on the MacBook) running Spotlight, has botched Audio sync and created frozen frames. It tries to index the file as it is being captured. 1.3.2 fixes this issue.

  4. Old versions of Parallels Desktop created some issues on sync and frozen frames. On most systems, simply quitting Parallels Desktop will fix the issue. On others you need to use the "unload" script below as a current workaround.

  5. Some old dongle software packages, like PACE (sometimes installed without dongles by ProTools) will create sync issues as it jumps the USB bus during capture. You can workaround by removing the PACE kext file from System/Library/Extensions. You can use the "unload" script below as a current workaround.

  6. Corrupted or missing settings (reset QuickTime) are normally the result of corrupted QuickTime prefs. First make sure you have installed the latest version of QuickTime.

    Then hold the option key when opening the XLR8 Capture's "Sound Settings" and/or "Video Settings". This will reset the QuickTime prefs.

Using Terminal Scripts:
These scripts will 'unload" specific Kernel Extensions (kexts) that are causing issues with video capture. The process is straightforward. Note that the unload is temporary. The Kernel Extension will automatically reload after a restart (or shut down and start).

  1. Download the script below.
  2. Decompress the script file.
  3. Remove any dongles or hardware that may be using the kext that you are unloading.
  4. Quit any applications that may be using the kext that you are unloading.
  5. Open Terminal in your Applications/Utilities directory.
  6. Drag and drop the script into the open terminal window.
  7. You will be prompted for an admin password.
  8. Enter your password and hit enter.
  9. Close Terminal and proceed with Video Capture.

Click to download the Parallels Desktop kext script.

Click to download the PACE (dongle) kext script.

Note: you can check to see what third party kext files are running on your system using Terminal as well. Simply type the following in the Terminal window (without the quotes) then hit return.

"kextstat | grep -v apple"

If you continue having problems and/or don't understand the output, just copy and send it via email direct to